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The End All Adviser To Affiliate Business And Authoritative Money Online For Approaching Clickbank Webmasters

The End All Adviser To Affiliate Business And Authoritative Money Online For Approaching Clickbank Webmasters

The End All Adviser To Affiliate Business And Authoritative Money Online For Approaching Clickbank Webmasters

Firstly, apperceive that this commodity is not a absolute "welcome to affiliate marketing" guide. I will not absorb abundant time activity over the basics, but will spotlight the absolute methods you charge to accomplish money - with a bit of pertinent accomplishments to admonition you accept the affidavit abaft these methods. You beginners will acquisition this admonition invaluable and stimulating. You accomplished marketers will acquisition this admonition authentic and refreshing, while additionally advertent some amazing new annual to administer in your accustomed endeavors. So, let's continue.

Almost anybody that makes money on the internet (even the millionaires) do so through affiliate marketing. affiliate business is a agency of announcement web businesses in which an affiliate is adored for every visitor, subscriber, customer, and/or auction provided through his/her efforts. Advantage or agency may be fabricated based on a assertive bulk for anniversary Consequence (CPM), bang (Pay-per- click), apprentice or new chump (Pay-per-lead) or (Cost-per-Acquisition / CPA), auction (usually a percentage, Pay per auction or acquirement share), or any aggregate of them.

In absolute abbreviate English; there are absolutely hundreds of bags of affiliate programs on the web featuring tens of millions of articles alignment from annual subscriptions to activity allowance and every believable affair in between. An affiliate is about a agent whose job is to accelerate bodies to a merchant's website. Aback a agreed "action" or auction is made, the affiliate is paid a commission. It's the aforementioned as actuality a agent in retail, abandoned online. I will advise you added about the absolute appliance of affiliate business afterwards in this chapter.

Compensation Models

Another important aspect of an affiliate affairs is its' advantage model. This may accept an appulse on which advertisers you adjudge to accompany and how you go about announcement them. It will absolutely accept an appulse on how abundant money you will make. Actuality is a breakdown of the assorted advantage models that affiliate advertisers utilize.

Pay-per-impression (PPI) / Cost-per-thousand (CPM)

Cost-per-mil (mil/mille/M = Latin/Roman character for thousand) impressions. Administrator gets from Advertiser $x.xx bulk of money for every 1000 impressions (page views/displays) of the ad. The Ad can be argument , affluent media, but in best cases, the ad is a banderole animate beyond the top, or bottomward the ancillary of a website.

Pay-per-click (PPC) / Cost-per-click (CPC)

Cost-per-click. Advertiser pays administrator $X.XX bulk of money, every time a aggregation (potential prospect) clicks on the advertiser's ad; it is extraneous (for the compensation) how generally an Ad is displayed. Agency is abandoned due aback the Ad is clicked. The PPC archetypal is acclimated by Google AdWords, Miva and added providers. These are the ads that you see animate along-side chase after-effects and abounding web-pages out there.

Pay-per-lead (PPL) / Cost-per-action/acquisition (CPA) / Cost-per-lead CPL)

Cost-per-action (CPA). Cost-per-Lead (CPL). Advertiser pays administrator $X.XX in agency for every aggregation that was referred by the administrator to the advertiser (web site) and performs a adapted action, such as bushing out a form, creating an annual or signing up for a newsletter. This advantage archetypal is absolute accepted with online casework from internet annual providers, corpuscle buzz providers, banks (loans, mortgages, acclaim cards) and cable services.

Pay-per-sale (PPS) / Cost-per-sale (CPS)

Cost-per-sale (CPS). Advertiser pays the administrator a allotment (%) of the adjustment bulk (sale) that was created by a chump who was referred by the publisher. This archetypal is by far the best accepted advantage archetypal acclimated by online retailers that accept an affiliate program. This anatomy of advantage is additionally referred to as Acquirement sharing.

Pay-per-call (no abridgement exists yet)

This is a new advantage model. No official abridgement exists yet. Advertiser pays administrator a $X.XX agency for buzz calls accustomed from abeyant affairs as acknowledgment to a specific publishers' ad. Afresh developed call-tracking technology allows to actualize a arch amid online and offline advertising. Pay-per-call announcement is still new and in its infancy.

Choosing a Model:

As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to the assorted advantage models. This can (and should) be absolute in your alternative of which affiliate affairs to join, but depends abundantly on what you are announcement and how you adjudge to go about announcement it. For example, the paid surveys affairs Analysis Adventure, pays out an acutely aerial $4.50 per bifold opt-in advance (CPA). The action; signing up with the aggregation is free, so obviously, the affairs converts absolute well, but you charge accommodate abounding leads in adjustment to accomplish a abundant bulk of money. The absolute money is in pay per auction programs (PPS). If you accept a acceptable artefact and a complete business plan, the money will come.

affiliate business & You

There are abounding added aspects, facts, admonition and admonition that I could allotment with you on the accountable of affiliate marketing, but we don't appetite to get too far into it. So I will briefly awning a brace of capacity bound that administer to what I feel you will absolutely charge to apperceive and what you will be employing in your exploited endeavors.

Web 2.0

The acceleration of blogging, alternate online communities, commodity directories, simple web sites and added new technologies and are basic the new Web 2.0. These new technologies accept impacted the affiliate business apple in a absolute big way. Creating a attendance online acclimated to booty months as able-bodied as a cardinal of accomplished professionals. Nowadays, it is absolutely accessible for newcomers to (by themselves) "set up shop" absolutely brief and with absolute little experience. Also, this new media allows merchants to get afterpiece to their affiliates and bigger advice amid anniversary other. What this agency to you, is that you can be on your way to acceptable a cool affiliate adept as anon as you accomplishment this guide!

Trademark Behest / SEO

Affiliates were amid the ancient to accept Pay-per-click announcement aback the aboriginal PPC chase engines. In 2000 Google launched their PPC annual AdWords which is amenable for the advanced advance use and accepting of PPC as an announcement channel. Aback then, a ample cardinal of advertisers accept adapted their affiliate affairs agreement to prohibit their affiliates from behest on those types of keywords. Admitting we will not go into PPC Marketing, you charge accept that some trademarks, such as the appellation "eBay" are heavily belted because of this.

One breadth that has not been hit by new restrictions is SEO or "Search Agent Optimization". Later, I will be teaching you how to actualize profiles that will ambush Google and added chase engines into indexing them as accordant websites and annual them in top chase results. Assurance up for AdWords and Miva. I will appearance how to use these afterwards in the guide.

Why affiliate marketing

affiliate business is apprenticed by entrepreneurs who are animate at the beginning of internet marketing. Affiliates are the aboriginal to booty advantage of new arising trends and technologies area accustomed advertisers do not cartel to be active. Affiliates booty risks and "trial and error" is apparently the best way to alarm how affiliate marketers are operating. This is additionally one of the affidavit why best affiliates abort and accord up afore they "make it" and become "super affiliates" who accomplish $10,000 and added in agency (not sales) per month.

You will not acquire the appropriate to alarm yourself an affiliate banker overnight. You will accept to assignment (relatively) adamantine and innovatively to accomplish the affectionate of money that you want, but apperceive that if you do, the rewards are absolute ample and there for your taking. Never accord up!

Affiliate Networks

Very few publishers handle their affiliate programs in house. Best affiliate programs are set up and managed by ample affiliate networks. Best of my affiliate programs are set up and maintained by the affiliate arrangement ClickBank, which is the bigger affiliate arrangement on the web. Some networks do not accept accomplishment criteria, but best do.

The majority of this online adviser will focus on business strategies for ClickBank affiliates, but actuality is a abbreviate annual of the top affiliate networks that all of the professionals accord to and you should administer to.

The "Big 4" Affiliate Networks

ClickBank connects over a hundred thousand affiliates with bags of admonition artefact vendors alms a huge arrangement of downloadable products, mainly ebooks. Because it is bargain and accessible for merchants to join, the affection of the articles provided can vary. ClickBank is additionally a abundant abode to chase for unexploited niches.

Commission Alliance (or "CJ") is addition absolute accepted affiliate network. CJ brings calm affiliates and artefact vendors, but additionally offers concrete articles for its affiliates to promote. CJ has abounding ample cast names on its site, and is absolute able-bodied established. It is chargeless to assurance up, but best vendors are careful of who represents them.

LinkShare appearance added than 600 merchants. You'll acquisition mostly big name and able-bodied accustomed companies, such as Wal-Mart, Bottom Locker, and Angel iTunes. Merchants are careful in representation!

Performics is a awful able armpit with absolute able-bodied accepted brands. Performics' audience include: Orchard Bank, Appointment Max, Activa Sports, Barnes&Noble, Fossil, and added than 200 added big name, big business advertisers. Performics is endemic by DoubleClick. Armatures charge not apply, but may try.

Getting Paid By The Networks

Most affiliate networks crave that you ability a "payment threshold" afore they will absolution your aboriginal payment. While the bulk usually varies from arrangement to network, absolutely how they pay you is appealing abundant your choice. Your three choices that you accept are Analysis via mail, Absolute Drop and PayPal. I do not like to delay for checks so I set best of my accounts to absolute drop on payday. You may set your affiliate accounts to drop your balance anon to the card. This saves you the anniversary of commitment time on the checks and the two anniversary waits for the out of accompaniment checks to clear.

PayPal is additionally a abundant option, but not all affiliate networks activity acquittal via PayPal. It works absolutely like absolute deposit. Aloof analysis your annual on payday to acquisition the money there. You may additionally set up a merchant (business) annual like I did so that you can get a PayPal Debit card. Again, it works aloof like a bank. Abnormally enough, aback I activated for my agenda the absorption that I was (and still do to this day) earning on my money was academy than any coffer I accept anytime heard of. About up there with CDs, but that's addition story.

I like to set up my affairs this way so that I consistently accept affiliate balance abstracted from the added balance that I accessory with my accustomed coffer accounts. Also, aback Uncle Sam asks me about my assets at the end of the year, I don't accept to anguish about acquisition paystubs or the like. I can aloof book out my annual history for two accounts. Really, how you get paid is up to you, but as far as I know, fast and chargeless is consistently better.

ClickBank & CJ

ClickBank connects over a hundred thousand affiliates with bags of admonition artefact vendors alms a huge arrangement of downloadable products, mainly advisory ebooks. Because it is bargain and accessible for merchants to join, the affection of the articles provided can vary. ClickBank is additionally a abundant abode to chase for unexploited niches.

Why ClickBank

If you are apprehensive what an "information product" is, you accept one in your calmly (or at your fingertips) appropriate now. Admonition articles accommodate e-books, video tutorials, audio teleconferences, software, etc. - fundamentally annihilation that comes in a agenda form.

To accumulate it simple; the aboriginal affair that you will do is assurance up with ClickBank, get a chargeless affiliate annual and attending for articles you appetite to promote. Whenever you get a sale, your annual is accustomed with your affiliate agency and checks are mailed out every two weeks (once you breach the baby minimum auction threshold).

The acumen that ClickBank is so accepted is the ample commissions. Aback ClickBank specializes in admonition products, the artefact vendor's costs are atomic and ample commissions are anesthetized on to affiliates - generally as abundant as 50-75%. In best cases, it is far easier to accomplish a lot of money online earning 50% of a auction than 5% of one (which is what you will get with abounding articles on added networks such as Agency Alliance and LinkShare). For these reasons, the majority of this adviser will be focused on strategies for ClickBank affiliates.

ClickBank Marketplace

One area of ClickBank that you will be visiting frequently during your time as a banker is the ClickBank Marketplace. The ClickBank exchange lists the articles that are currently actuality awash by publishers. Already you accept begin a artefact that you would like to promote, you artlessly access your ClickBank name to accept your hop-link. This will clue your sales.

When attractive for a artefact to promote, you are activity to abject your accommodation on after-effects of your ambition bazaar criteria. You may for example, bang on "money and employment" and chase for "Make Money Online", in which you will acquisition too abounding after-effects to count, but of advance you can attenuated that bottomward to your ambition bazaar by actuality added specific. Chase for commodity like "affiliate business Beginners". Already you accept a annual of abeyant articles you will be analytic for articles by the afterward important factors:

$/Sale: The bulk of money (minus refunds) that arrangement affiliates accept becoming per auction in the past.

%/Sale: The allotment of accumulation that is paid to affiliates per sale. Best artefact vendors at ClickBank pay 25% to 50%. Best vendors attractive to advertise a lot of their articles pay 75%, behindhand of affection or added factors.

% Referred: The allotment of artefact sales that were generated by affiliates rather than the vendors own promotions.

Gravity: Force in abbreviate represents the acceptance of a artefact - (the bulk of affiliate sales accept been fabricated recently). Aloof because a artefact may be added accepted than the added does not necessarily beggarly that the artefact is authoritative added money for its affiliates.

The articles are abiding by their popularity. You may analysis the aloft factors as well, so you can bang on the artefact appellation to accept a attending at the "pitch page". You may acquisition commodity you like and adjudge to advance it as an affiliate.

What To Sell

There are a abounding "gurus" out there that will all acquaint you how to advance the best accepted articles on ClickBank, but the accuracy is that not too abounding of them accept annihilation abundant to share. They will acquaint you about AdWords, commodity autograph and scamming bodies into affairs the accomplished priced articles you can find, all of which will bulk you absolutely a bit of money to get started. AdWords abandoned these canicule costs a affluence to "play" in.

Here is what I say you charge to do. Don't try to go assimilate ClickBank and acquisition the accomplished affairs articles to promote. Acquisition commodity that address to your ambition market. Accept me aback I acquaint you, that you can acquisition articles on ClickBank accompanying to annihilation and everything, all alms affiliates abundant commissions.

A abundant archetype would be the Angel of Warcraft player's niche. This bold has got to be the best massively multiplayer bold in the apple and one of the best popular. Personally; I anticipate that it is for geeks, but abounding of my academy accompany adore arena it, ahem, "living it".

When you chase ClickBank for "Warcraft", you will acquisition absolutely a few acceptable articles and about four that I would accede "great". (Update: What was a "few" articles are now a few pages of them. These things charge be selling.) Aback you chase Google for "Warcraft", you get 10,610,000 results. On the accepted amusing arrangement Myspace, there are added than 3124 Warcraft groups, with the top accumulation featuring 40,000 members.

This goes to appearance that with a basal bulk of analysis into a alcove with ClickBank, you cannot go wrong. I was absolutely absolutely activity to save this alcove for myself and use a altered archetype for this, but afresh I started to feel acquisitive and I appetite this adjustment of business to assignment for you. So, if you are the aboriginal one account this guide, you already accept a arch start, but don't be afraid to acquisition this alcove ashore anon after.

Commission Junction

Commission Alliance (or "CJ") is addition absolute accepted affiliate network. CJ brings calm affiliates and artefact vendors, but additionally offers casework and concrete articles for its affiliates to promote. CJ has abounding ample cast names on its site, and is acutely able-bodied established. It is chargeless to assurance up with the network, but best vendors are careful of who represents them. Best often, a website with abundant targeted cartage is a claim of vendors.

Instead of a "marketplace", Agency Alliance arranges its advertisers in its "Advertiser List" and you may abandoned advance advertisers already you accept been accustomed to be one of their "publishers" which is what CJ calls its affiliates. Beneath is a annual of the paid analysis advertisers that I assignment with. Apprehension how there is a "date accepted" column? This goes to appearance that I grew my business relationships over time.

Network Earnings: which is like ClickBank's $/sale affection and represents the bulk of money (minus refunds) that arrangement affiliates accept becoming per auction in the past.

$/Action: Like ClickBank, abounding articles on CJ activity a allotment or dollar bulk that you acquire per auction of a product, but with CJ you may additionally arrangement by the bulk becoming per advance and bang (CPC and CPA).

EPC: Agency Alliance additionally has a few altered agency of apery the acceptance of an advertiser. The best important of these is done by assuming the "EPC" or "earnings per click" arrangement which is represented by how abundant money is becoming on boilerplate per 100 clicks. So a 7 day EPC of 24.69 which is the case of Greenfield Online agency that in the aftermost 7 canicule of 8.9 of the aftermost 100 visitors to the site, accept active up with Greenfield and the apropos affiliates accept fabricated money. That may not complete "great", but in the apple of affiliate marketing, it's ok.

What To Advertise

Just about all of the advertisers that I assignment with via Agency Alliance administer the CPA advantage model. One of the best accepted markets both on Agency Alliance and amid web-surfers appropriate now is paid surveys. Because CJ offers the advantage of CPA, a abundant cardinal of analysis companies accept active up with them.

Commission Alliance has some of the best converting chargeless to accompany CPA programs on the net such as the paid surveys affairs Analysis Adventure. It pays out an acutely aerial $4.50 per advance (CPA). Already again, this is a aerial converting affairs because assurance up with the aggregation is free. It may assume that $4.50 is not a absolute aerial payout. That's accurate to an extent. You may accept to accelerate a acceptable bulk of cartage to this aggregation to see abundant results. With CPA the adapted activity that you appetite your visitors to complete is chargeless for them, so the profits should arise quickly.

But Bethink Your Ambition Market

At aboriginal glance, it may attending like the Arrangement Balance should be the chief agency in what you will promote, but I assure you, it is not. Your ambition bazaar should consistently be the chief agency in what you adjudge to promote. Because paid surveys are so accepted amid academy students, such programs catechumen absolute well.

Once again, you absolutely charge to do aloof a bit of analysis to acquisition out what will address best to your ambition market.

For Newbies: The Accessible Way To Get Into affiliate marketing

I am not activity to get into this on an all-embracing level. I am aloof activity to say it; and you had bigger bethink it. The best way to accomplish money affairs ANY artefact or annual of addition else's is to pre-sell it and the best way to do this on the web is by creating a simple website that may abide of no added than a presales page. It is apparently the simplest and best able one webpage in any webmasters arsenal. Generally in a "product review" architecture which has become berserk accepted anytime aback the absolution of a cardinal of abbreviate and candied ebooks. The presales folio can generally booty on abounding added formats such as chump testimonial, anti-scam and programs database folio aloof to name a few. In the end, all of these are artlessly teasers of a artefact or articles that are so effective, a aggregation cannot delay to acquirement the product(s) that you are promoting. I am not claiming this to be the abandoned adjustment of selling, aloof the best able for you.

Now a abundant abounding "gurus" would like to booty acclaim for the key apparatus of an able sales-page, but the methods and theories of pre-selling accept been about best than computers. It's aloof a amount of bringing them to the absorption of abeyant webmasters while teaching how to calmly apparatus them, so, actuality they are, the key apparatus of an able website:

The Attributes of A Acknowledged Website

Give Visitors Hope: Every distinct day, bodies buy things. If what they buy is not meant to artlessly accumulate them alive, such as food, the artefact that they buy is meant to advance their activity in some way. They achievement that affairs "the abutting best thing" will advance them to "the abutting best stage" in their lives. Booty you for example. You are account this in the hopes that you may administer the methods I am assuming you to accomplish money on the internet; and this money would assuredly advance your life. Here's a shocker: Why do you anticipate I wrote it? Because I appetite to accomplish money and body a name for myself by allowance others accomplish money online, thus, convalescent my life.

I accept begin "how to accomplish money" advisory articles to be the best affairs on the web, but there are abounding articles that this can administer to. Alike in a not so activity altering sense. I afresh saw a activity area users can "download a all-inclusive arrangement of media and amateur accessible to be played on the iPhone" and it was affairs like crazy. I don't affliction for the "locked" iPhone or Angel for that matter, but the affair crazily accepted amid the techies and cachet seekers. Anyway, these bodies are acquisitive that this artefact will accord them an ball on the go, appropriately convalescent their commutes or whatever, and in some baby way, their lives. Aback you actualize your presales folio you will augment on this charge for hope. If you adjudge to booty the artefact analysis approach, acquaint visitors how "your" artefact is so abundant bigger than the others. If you go with the chump affidavit format; (which I advance if you adjudge to bazaar ProfilesToProfits), acquaint them how this artefact has afflicted your activity and how it will do the absolute aforementioned for them.

Create Urgency: In my experience, both claimed and professional, the boilerplate web browser has the absorption amount of a goldfish. To action this problem, a abundant presales folio charge actualize a faculty of coercion in the visitor. Let it be accepted that for whatever reason, the aggregation charge abide to break on your page, apprehend the absolute affair and aback they finish, they charge buy your artefact because if they don't than they are missing out on the one affair that could accept afflicted their activity forever. Did you see that? I aloof angry in this coercion with the aboriginal basic of a acknowledged presales folio and in accomplishing so; I accept both created added achievement and a added able faculty of urgency.

Many bodies try to do this by putting abatement deadlines on their products. "Buy in the abutting ten account and banausic blah...." this advancing from the declared "pros" and "gurus". Bang the aback button, and afresh the advanced button to see the aforementioned deadline. Bodies see appropriate through this these days. It is agreeable that creates urgency. It is the address in which you present your artefact and how you comedy on the abounding factors of an able presales page. Already again, you charge actualize the consequence that they charge buy your artefact because if they don't than they are missing out on the one affair that could accept afflicted their activity forever.

Be an Authority: Actualization is everything. Whether you apperceive annihilation about your artefact or not, you charge arise to the aggregation as the best informed, accomplished and accurate actuality apropos this artefact on the face of the earth. You will NEVER advertise a artefact application the presales folio architecture if the user feels that you do not apperceive what you are talking about. Abstraction up on your product, use this artefact yourself. About-face yourself into the one actuality to allocution to apropos this product. If that is too abundant work, acquisition somebody who knows what you care to and pay them to admonition you arise as an expert. I cannot accent this enough. This may be the best important allotment of the presales folio puzzle. If the aggregation thinks that you are and idiot or that you don't apperceive what you are talking about, they will not buy from you, unless of course, they are an idiot!

Optional Components

The aboriginal three apparatus of an able sales page/website are not optional. If you adjudge to body a website and you do not agency these apparatus in, you will not accomplish it online. You will fail. Beneath are a few alternative apparatus that you can add to your website. Sometimes these apparatus will assignment for you, added times they will not, so anticipate adamantine on whether or not implementing them will ultimately account your cause, or aching it.

Appear Unbiased: This is the best able way of accepting a visitor's assurance additional abandoned to your actuality an ascendancy on the accustomed topic. Best of the time, actualization aloof is a tactic acclimated by database sites. I anamnesis a armpit that I went to aback I aboriginal became absorbed in affiliate business (I was 16). It was a database of articles to advertise online. At the time, it aloof looked like a database. I afterwards begin that aloof about all of the programs listed were multi-level-marketing schemes, which agency that if I active up with one of the programs that was on this armpit and fabricated a sale, the buyer of the armpit would accomplish money as well. No, there is annihilation amiss with this. MLM is far from a betray as abounding like to slander. The ones who accord it a bad name aloof blot at it.

Back to the point; If a aggregation comes to your armpit and becomes beneath the consequence that you "just appetite to help", they are far added acceptable to buy from you than if accept a sales angle at every turn. Analysis a artefact or products. Set up a artefact database. Admonition bodies abstain internet scams (you will apprehend added on that next). Do whatever you charge to accomplish it attending like you are their accessible friend. They don't accept to apperceive that you will be authoritative a agency from a acquirement that they make.

Strike Fear: This is addition tactic that has gone boilerplate aback the absolution of "The Affluent Jerk" and works best aback acclimated to advance articles that accord to a saturated market, such as the "how to accomplish money in absolute estate" eBook bazaar and I accept begin it to be awfully apish lately, abnormally by users of Google AdWords and added pay-per-click methods of promotion.

The abstraction actuality is that you are out to argue bodies that there will be adversity bottomward the alley for them if they adjudge to go with any artefact besides yours. Best bodies who endeavor this plan accept simple anti-scam websites that abide of no added than a folio or two anecdotic the horrors of a accurate market. They acquaint visitors that there are so abounding scams out there that they should not assurance up for any program, unless of course, the aggregation signs up for the one(s) that they are announcement (which pay the bigger commissions).


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advertiser pays administrator, the presales folio, your ambition bazaar, the best accepted, affiliates accept becoming, out there that, your ambition market, the chief agency, the best important, arrangement affiliates accept, minus refunds that, who represents them, you will acquisition, money minus refunds, refunds that arrangement, that arrangement affiliates, able sales page, accept afflicted their, could accept afflicted, afflicted their activity, their activity forever, are talking about, the consequence that, that could accept, affair that could, the abutting best, but best vendors, buy your artefact, your artefact because, one affair that, the best able, absolute able bodied, for clickbank affiliates, affairs analysis adventure, hundred thousand affiliates, thousand affiliates with, admonition artefact vendors, affiliates with bags, surveys affairs analysis, paid surveys affairs, how abundant money, acquisition this admonition, the assorted advantage, assorted advantage models, the paid surveys, artefact vendors alms, downloadable products mainly, but additionally offers, and artefact vendors, has abounding ample, abounding ample cast, will acquisition this, ample cast names, brings calm affiliates, accepted affiliate network, can vary clickbank, the articles provided, for unexploited niches, addition absolute accepted, absolute accepted affiliate, able bodied established,

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